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Health & Safety

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Cultural Presentation

Health & Safety

We provide safety and sanctuary for our community members, many of whom routinely experience hate, harassment and abuse, as well as rejection and disconnection from within the Pacific Islander community. We serve as a trusted, culturally aligned resource for Pacific Islanders in the LGBTQI community, in helping them access transgender health services, housing and other services. We provide support groups and assistance for Pacific Islanders in the sex industry, providing testing kits, HIV prevention and screening, and contraceptives and other important healthcare resources. We also work to connect QTPI to healthcare resources like insurance and preventative care to address health disparities.

Education & Employment

Our work revolves around addressing the discrimination our community faces in pursuing educational and employment opportunities. We see how prevailing prejudice against transgender people has resulted in limited job opportunities, leading many to sex work and subsequent incarceration, which further limits opportunities for employment. Toward this end, we help QTPI with resources, support and career guidance for when they are ready to leave the sex industry and pursue higher education and employment opportunities. We seek to destigmatize sex work while highlighting self-worth, survival and liberation.

Support For Immigrants

For those in the LGBTQI community who have newly emigrated from the Pacific Islands, we provide short-term housing and help them obtain the services they need while also standing with them in challenging race- and gender-based discrimination in areas of employment, housing, education and everyday life. We provide interpretation services to parents of QTPI students as well as other who need help navigating resources as they apply for college and work to build a new life in this country.

Cultural Presentations

UTOPIA also builds a sense of community, shared purpose and connection among our members through our annual events and gatherings, and an annual Trans Day of Remembrance to honor those we have lost, too often due to violence and hate. We have an All Trans Chorus as a mechanism for healing from the trauma of rejection and abuse, as well as a way of celebrating our lives through creative expression. The Chorus is especially important for people in transition who need space to train their new voices. Participants engaged in traditional weaving activities or fale lalaga, and upcoming programs include fa’gogo or storytelling, speaking truths, imagining alternatives and shifting social narratives.

If you need help requesting services contact us at mail@utopiaseattle.org



[trans]ACTION is a monthly social group for Pacific Islander and other Trans-identified and Gender Diverse Sex Workers who come together for shared support monthly. This group is a safe space for Sex Workers to engage in topical discussions relating to their life and/or work. This gathering is open to Trans and Gender Diverse individuals currently working or have previously worked as a Sex Worker. [trans]ACTION promotes and values confidentiality regarding interactions within the group.

[trans]ACTION promotes and values confidentiality regarding interactions within the group.

Interested? Please email us at tepa@utopiaseattle.org

Discussions include topics such as:

  • Safety and Self-care
  • Decriminalization and Destigmatization of sex work
  • Know Your Rights Training
  • Medical Resources
  • Legal Assistance
  • Employment & Housing

Join us at [trans]ACTION if

  • YOU are a Sex Worker in Washington State
  • YOU identify as Trans or Gender Non-Conforming
  • YOU need mutual support from other Sex Workers
  • YOU have an interest in the above topics and more
  • YOU want to share your experience with other Sex Workers
  • YOU are available to meet on 2nd Wednesdays of the month

Economic  & Workforce

The Transgender Economic Empowerment Coalition is a group of community based organizations that are committed to addressing the economic inequities faced by transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) people and LGBTQ people of color.

We will  focus on supporting QTPI (Queers and Trans Pacific Islanders) leaders from Pacific Islander communities with a focus on our community engagement efforts for our model employment policy in South King County.

Topics Include:

  • Trans leadership development
  • Employment and Education
  • Worker rights
  • Tenant and housing rights
  • Immigration support

Interested? Please email us at tepa@utopiaseattle.org


Through our Mapu Maia program, we help transgender community members with name and gender changes, obtaining health insurance, navigating the healthcare system, and providing referal health services such as hormone therapy; monthly PrEP and HIV/STI testing Clinic at our Kent office.

Discussions include topics such as:

  • Trans Healthcare
  • PrEP and HIV/STI Clinic
  • Trans specific case management
  • Hormone therapy access

If you are looking for help with case management, contact Tepa Vaina at tepa@utopiaseattle.org

Trans Justice

We provide street-level support and individual advocacy that addresses safety and survival, as well as resource referral that helps transgender youth and young adults build a pathway to a better, more sustainable future. We also offer career counseling and employment referrals to trans/GNC and gender diverse members of our community to help them connect and thrive in a changing economy.

Our New Possibilities Clothing Project provide clothing (new or gently-used professional attire) for Trans/Gender Diverse community who are in need of accessible options for workplace clothes.

And we participate in local events, network with other organizations, and offer workshops and cultural competency training to help the broader community learn about what it means to be transgender in today’s society.

Services Include:

  • Weekly Street Outreach
  • Workplacce clothes
  • Trans Leadership Development
  • Resources for transgender youth and young adults
  • Career counseling and employment referrals
  • Cultural competency training and workshops

Interested? Please email us at tepa@utopiaseattle.org

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We are a QTPI-led organization fighting for equitable access to education, employment, housing, healthcare, and more for all Queer and Trans Pacific Islander youth, adults, elders, and families in Washington.

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